US Steel Granite City Works

The family of a US Steel worker is suing the Granite City Works plant claiming an explosion of superheated water claimed the life of steamfitter, George Bailey.

Terrence Bailey, estate administrator, filed suit against the steel company in St. Clair County Circuit Court Sept. 22, seeking damages in excess of $400,000.

Bailey claims that on April 17, 2004, George Bailey was working under a steam line when a violent explosion occurred, allegedly engulfing George in steam and superheated water.

According to the complaint, US Steel failed to keep the premises in a safe condition, conduct adequate inspections and clear the pipeline of steam.

Bailey also claims US Steel failed to have proper and adequate safety, fire, engineering or consulting personnel.

The suit clams George was severely, painfully and permanently injured and disfigured, suffered third degree burns to his arms, hands, back, neck, face, throat, lungs and head, which “ultimately caused his demise.”

According to the complaint, George also became liable for medical expenses, suffered excruciating pain and mental anguish and was disabled physically and emotionally from the time of the accident through the remainder of his life.

Bailey also claims he lost and will continue to lose the value of George’s company, love, and affection as well as any financial support and nurture that he customarily provided to his family.

Bailey is represented by Grey Chatham of Swansea.

05 L 556 (20th Circuit)

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