Readers deserve truth

by The Madison County Record |
Sep. 18, 2005, 12:30pm

To the editor:

I read the opinion piece that followed the Q&A piece in your last edition. I find your response ironic and a bit comical.

You suggest I not criticize business unless I have tried it. I have. You however, are critical of judges, however, without trying it!

Is there a different standard for you?

I was a small business owner for 14 years owning and operating a law practice. I raised capital, borrowed money, met payroll and overhead, managed people and dealt with inventory.

I experienced the same stresses of all small business owners such as quarterly returns, insurance costs, workers comp, customer retention, licenses and permits and customer satisfaction.

Shouldn’t those who criticize do so based on facts, not on what you want the facts to be? Isn’t that the difference between news and fiction?

I suggest you follow your own advice and not criticize unless you have tried it. But that is a very high standard that I don’t believe you can reach.

Most people, I believe, would settle for the truth.

Just get your facts correct, your readers deserve the truth.

John Baricevic
St. Clair County Circuit Judge

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