After stepping on a nail that protruded from a fallen fence, Ronald Seitz is seeking in excess of $100,000 from a friend he was visiting, and her neighbors.

In a suit filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court Aug. 30, Seitz claims the incident took place at Doris Headrick's home at 1323 Commercial in Belleville on Sept. 4, 2003. The section of fence he stepped on belonged to Michael and Julie Conner who reside at 1321 Commercial.

Seitz claims Headrick failed to inspect or otherwise maintain her property and allowed a fallen portion of fence to remain on her property when she knew it would constitute a hazard for others.

He accuses the Conners of allowing their fence to deteriorate and fall onto his friend's adjoining property and failing to inspect the fence even though they knew that failure would result in injuries.

According to the complaint, Seitz suffered injuries to his foot, pain and medical expenses. He is represented by Ralph Derango of Belleville.

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