Eddie's Lounge

Lloyd McBride claims Barbara Handshy was drunk when she drove a Ford pickup through the front window of a Granite City Quik Trip store, pinning him against the back wall and causing severe injuries.

The incident, which occurred Aug. 29, 2004, is the subject of a $150,000 suit filed Aug. 25 in Madison County Circuit Court by McBride.

McBride claims Handshy failed to maintain control of her vehicle before it crashed into the store on Nameoki Road.

He also claims she failed to:

  • place the truck in reverse when leaving her parking spot;

  • properly apply the brakes; and

  • sound her horn at the first sign of danger

    According to the complaint, vehicle owner and co-defendant Lawrence Watson was negligent by failing to properly supervise Handshy when she had control of the truck and failing to properly train Handshy on how to drive his vehicle.

    McBride also is seeking damages from Eddie's Lounge in Granite City under the Dram Shop Act claiming the tavern sold too much alcohol to Handshy earlier in the evening.

    He claims severe injuries throughout his body including fractures that required multiple surgeries, extreme pain, lost wages and medical expenses.

    "McBride has suffered great pain of body and mind and suffers from anxiety, depression and emotional distress which alters his relationship with his family, friends and peers," the complaint states.

    He is represented by Gonzalo Fernandez of Devereaux, Stokes, Nolan & Fernandez in St. Louis.

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