A security officer at Gateway Regional Medical in Granite City filed an age and sexual discrimination lawsuit against her employer in U.S. District Court of Southern Illinois.

Mary E. Moyer, a Gateway employee since 1977, claims she was passed over for promotion to security coordinator when the hospital promoted a young male instead on July 29, 2003.

"The defendants intentionally passed over the plaintiff for the position of security coordinator because of her age and sex," states the complaint filed Aug. 4.

Moyer claims she was more qualified, had more experience and was senior in employment to the male counterpart who was promoted.

Since being passed over, Moyer alleges that she has been deprived of overtime work and pay, unfairly disciplined and her schedule has changed.

For damages that include lost income and wages, emotional pain and suffering, embarrassment, inconvenience, mental anguish and loss of a normal life, Moyer is seeking back pay, front pay, reinstatement to the appropriate job and work shift, attorney fees, witness fees and all other litigation expenses.

She is represented by Edwards J. Szewczyk of Granite City.

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