Renaissance at Belleville

Charles Kilcauski, the independant administrator of the estate of Peter Rowlinitus, filed suit against Renaissance at Belleville claiming it allowed illegal drugs into the nursing home.

According to Kilcauski, Renaissance was aware that some residents and employees were using or tested positive for illegal drugs.

He also claims that on July 23, 2003, a large dose of amphetamines, barbiturates and opiates were administered to Rowlinitus without a doctor's order leading to amphetamine toxicity.

"The defendant failed to administer the facility in a manner to ensure that Peter was free from physical abuse, including that he would be free from having illegal substances administered to him," the complaint states.

Kilcauski also claims Renaissance failed to develop and implement policies to prevent illegal drugs from being on site, failed to investigate how residents tested positive from illegal drugs, failed to properly train employees, and failed to provide adequate medical care, personal care, maintenance and treatment.

According to the complaint, Rowlinitus suffered injuries of a personal and pecuniary nature, including amphetamine toxcity, pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement, medical expenses, and a detyroation of his mental and physical abilities.

"Justice and public good require than in addition to any compensatory damages to which Kilcauski is entitled, that he be awarded punitive damages which we serve to punish Renaissance and to deter others from doing similar offenses, the complaint states.

Kilcauski claims Rowlinitus sustained injuries of a personal and pecuniary nature, disability, disfigurment, and lost wages and medical related expenses and he would have been entitled to recover damages had he survived his injuries.

Jamie Bas of George Ripplinger and Associates of Belleville represents Kilcauski.

05 L 404 (20th Circuit)

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