Old photos adorn new Edwardsville bank building

By Ann Knef | Jul 14, 2005

Before a wrecking crew demolished the Old Edwardsville National Bank building in downtown Edwardsville years ago, remarkable pieces of history were spared extinction.

Old photographs, the likes of which include the Schwartz Sister's Orchestra, circa 1896-1910--Dinkey Steam Engine No. 201 in 1895--and many others can be viewed in replica form at the new Cloverleaf Family Bank in Edwardsville.

Cloverleaf president Dennis Terry said he salvaged interesting memorabilia and donated original photographs to the Madison County Historical Society Museum.

"All photos I saved I gave to the museum," Terry said. "I thought it better served the public that they have them than I have them."

Rather than decorate its new facility at 6814 Goshen Road in Edwardsville with art prints, Terry decided old photographs of the rescued items would suit the bank--which was founded in 1889--nicely.

A high resolution scanner was used to copy 57 originals. After they were enlarged they were printed and framed to go on display at the bank.

"They've generated a lot of interest," Terry said.

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