The widow of a man who died of a heart problem will be in court June 29 for a case management conference in the wrongful death suit she filed against three doctors in 2004 in Madison County Circuit Court.

Susan Stice claims her late husband, Freddie Joe Stice, was under the care of St. Louis cardiologists Erica Uppstrom, M.D. and Laurence Berarducci, M.D., and Alton primary care physician Charles Earnshaw, M.D. of Alton. Stice's suit claims they deviated from the standard of care required by failing to adequately and timely diagnose and treat Joe’s heart condition.

Stice also claims the doctors failed to order appropriate diagnostic studies and tests to diagnose and treat a heart condition, failed to refer Joe to a competent specialist, and failed to perform a timely catheterization to treat Joe’s ischemic heart disease resulting in his death on June 6, 2002.

According to the complaint, Stice sustained severe injuries both internally and externally which resulted in his death, leaving a wife and son as next of kin.

Stice claims she and her son have been deprived of society, companionship, guidance, advice and love.

Represented by Belleville attorney Stephen Wigginton, Stice is seeking damages in excess of $400,000.

In August of 2004 the defendants tried to dismiss the case because Stice failed to file a healthcare affidavit with her suit. But, Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron denied the motion.

In December, Uppstrom tried to dismiss the case claiming a lack of personal jurisdiction, but Bryon also denied that motion.

Berarducci and Uppstrom are represented by Thaddeus Eckenrode of St. Louis. Earnshaw is represented by Thomas Hayek also of St. Louis.

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