Earth-shattering news doesn't happen every day in Belleville.

However a lawsuit filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court June 7, claims a machine shop's use of equipment emitted damaging vibrations that caused walls and ceilings in two nearby homes to crumble.

Florence Wamser and George Tutza of 223 North 11th St. and Thomas Malear of 114 North 12th St. in Belleville are suing Roc Ind., a Belleville machine shop located at 1218 West A St., for damages in excess of $150,000.

According to the suit, machinery that removes burrs and smooths cut metal was used by Roc Ind. in January 2004.

"The said machine causes vibrations to escape the confines of the machine and that said vibrations penetrate the ground under the machine and once in the ground, spread out," the suit states.

The complaint alleges the home owners' enjoyment of their property was invaded.

"That such invasion is substantial in that it has caused significant damage to the structures and buildings," the complaint states.

The plaintiffs are represented by Patricia L. Dennis and Amanda Bradley Verett of Edwardsville.

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