To the editor:

I have noticed that in your publication that you consistently make an error when reporting the amount of damages sought in civil actions.

When a complaint has, for example, seven counts, and each count seeks damages in excess of $50,000, the plaintiff is seeking damages in excess of $50,000. In other words, the fact that there are seven counts for amounts in excess of $50,000 does not mean that the plaintiff is seeking an amount in excess of $350,000.

You consistently misreport this. I assume that this error is made out of ignorance, and not in an attempt to slander plaintiffs attorneys.

However, if your periodical continues to misreport this, I will assume that this is an attempt by The Record to slander plaintiffs and plaintiffs attorneys and will investigate legal redress.

I will follow up this email with a letter for both of us to keep in our records.

Chris Montroy
East St. Louis

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