5300 Hallows Avenue in Washington Park

Calvert Nichols and the New Path Christian Church were targets of Robert “Bobby” Menard--former owner of the once popular, now defunct Bobby's nightclub--in a lawsuit filed May 13 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

“In order to punish Defendants...Menard seeks...an amount not so large or excessive as to shock the conscience of the court, but to punish the defendants,” the complaint states.

Menard blames Nichols and the church for not providing adequate security for his property worth $52,893.55 on Lot 772 at 5300 Hallows Avenue in Washington Park. His property was damaged, destroyed, or stolen, according to the complaint.

He is seeking a jury verdict for $102,893.55 along with 5 percent pre-judgment interest, post-judgment interest, plus taxable court costs.

“The defendants have stated and acknowledged that Menard’s property has been removed, and failed and refused to return it,” the complaint states.

“Defendants have substantial assets, including personal earnings and savings, a Cadillac, plus a church building fund, weekly Sunday collection plate receipts to satisfy a jury award of substantial exemplary or punitive damages,” the complaint states.

Menard is represented by William Daniel of the Daniel Law Offices in Belleville.

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