Crystal Palace patron sues adult night club for injuries

By Steve Gonzalez | May 20, 2005

A fight at an adult entertainment night club in Centreville has led to a $600,000 lawsuit filed against Crystal Palace and its owners on May 13 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Jessie Carlton claims he was enjoying himself in an orderly, peaceable and inoffensive manner on May 15, 2004, when two intoxicated patrons without cause or provocation, violently attacked, beat and struck him, causing grave injuries.

Carlton claims crystal Palace served a large quantity of intoxicating liquor to the people who attacked him.

According to the complaint, Carlton's head, face, body and limbs were severly bruised, contused, and sprained, his nervous system was severely shocked, injuries to his teeth, suffered severe bodily pain, suffered a disfigurement and disability, all of a permanent nature.

Carlton claims the owners of the club permitted the men who violently attacked him admission into the club knowing that they were quarrelsome, disorderly and vicious. He also blames Crystal Palace for failing to remove the duo before the attack and not summoning the police in order to stop the attack.

Represented by Belleville attorney Carmen Durso, Jessie Carlton is seeking damages in excess of $600,000 for the injuries he claims he suffered.

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