Judge not at fault

By The Madison County Record | May 8, 2005

To the editor:

Regarding your editorial of May 2: Judge Andy Matoesian found no cause to excuse Drexel Harvey, former college roommate of Tom Lakin, from the jury pool in Jablonski vs. Ford Motor Co.

And you find fault with the judge.

Apparently the attorneys for the Michigan automotive giant, who presumably had a right to excuse Harvey, had no problem with him serving, either.

Now you tell me. Who in courtroom 351 was shirking his responsibility in this case?

Shame on The Record for implying that Judge Matoesian had any motive other than upholding the law in the interest of justice! I have known the judge for more than 30 years and his integrity is beyond reproach.

Of course, it would never even dawn on The Record that the attorneys for the corporate defendant blew it.

Bob Slate
Decatur, Ala.

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