"The price of gas is ridiculous. My husband used to enjoy taking leisure drives, but now, depending on how far we go, we’ll car pool up to four-to-five people to a car."
Judy Miller, Alton

"The price of gas has affected me very much so, that now I have to get another job. I expect the prices to increase more around the holidays. I believe that the world is being manipulated into giving up money to fund the war in Iraq."
Michael Stevenson, Maryville

I’ll pay whatever it takes, but at the same time, I’ll be driving less, and car-pooling more."
Noah Springer, St. Louis

"I drive to work 29 miles one-way from Granite City to Kirkwood. I don’t have the option to car pool, and I’ve got to work. I foresee the price of gas increasing to $2.75 a gallon over the summer, and then finally settling back down to $2.50."
Linda Rodriguez, Granite City

"I live in Arkansas, but I own land here in Madison County. We also make trips here to visit our grandparents. Because I enjoy traveling, I had considered driving to California this summer -but with the price of gas -it’s probably cheaper to fly. If the prices get any higher --I’ve got some horses."
Howard Yates, Arkansas

"I started complaining when the gas prices topped $1.70 a gallon, but now they’re outrageous. Because I commute, I pay at least $40 a week, and I don’t foresee an end. I think we’ll see gas prices increase to around $2.50 by the end of summer."
Keith Diesselhorse, Maryville

"I commute 40 miles round trip from Venice to Edwardsville. Before I paid $20 for gas, now I pay $30 to fill my tank. I see the gas prices increasing to $2.50 a gallon this summer. If the price goes up to $3, I’ll be riding public transportation."
Paula Walker, Venice

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