Shop N Save on Homer Adams Parkway in Alton

A shopper who fell while reaching for a bargain has filed a $100,000 suit against Alton Shop N Save for injuries and because the store did not provide her with safe access to "on sale" items.

Joan Singleton claims that on April 12, 2003, she fell after her foot got caught on a ladder in the grocery aisle. She was reaching through the ladder for a sale item.

She fell forward "with great force and violence forcing her to catch herself with her arms extended and was greatly injured," according to the suit filed April 12 in Madison County Circuit Court.

Singleton claims Shop N Save failed to provide a good, safe and proper means of access to items marked “on sale,” and allowed a store stock ladder to remain in a spot that was unreasonably safe.

The complaint also alleges that Shop N Save failed to inspect the premises to be certain that each aisle and walkway was safe and failed to barricade the aisle to prevent contact with the stock ladder.

As a result of the incident, Singleton claims she sustained severe and permanent internal and external injuries to her left shoulder and elbow. She also claims to suffer from great pain and mental anguish, and states she will be compelled to spend large sums of money for doctor, hospital, and pharmaceutical expenses.

Damages are also being sought from the store's co-manager, Rick Powell, since he had "an independent duty" as co-manager to provide her with a safe place to shop.

Singleton is represented by Lindsay Rakers of Goldenberg, Miller, Heller & Antognoli of Edwardsville.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian.

Based in St. Louis, Shop N Save was founded in 1979 opening its first store in Belleville. Shop N Save now has 33 stores in the St. Louis area and an additional three in Springfield.

According to the Shop N Save website, “our goal was to bring customers lower food prices by eliminating certain 'frills' and establishing more modern systems of stocking, displaying, and checkout procedures.”

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