Touchette Hospital in Centerville

A wheelchair-bound woman who incurred $1,000 in medical expenses after falling in a Touchette Hospital van, filed suit April 5 in St. Clair County Circuit Court seeking more than $50,000.

Susie Sanford claims she hurt her head, neck, and back in a fall on April 6, 2004, because her wheelchair was not properly secured and the van driver was driving too fast for conditions.

“Touchette Hospital failed to exercise the highest degree of care and was negligent in operating the van,” the complaint states.

Sanford claims the driver failed to observe ahead and laterally ahead and side and rear to avoid objects in the roadway and avoid sudden turns or stops and was driving too fast for conditions which led

Sanford claims that the fall caused permanent and disabling injuries. She is represented by St. Louis attorney Zane Cagle.

05 L 221 (20th Circuit)

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