Street Q&A: How does the St. Louis Final Four experience compare with other great sports moments?

By Steve Gonzalez | Apr 7, 2005

"The overall experience was good. I think St. Louis did a fabulous job, plus they got a big boost from Mother Nature, we had marvelous weather the entire time. I wish Illinois would have won though!"

Tony Kapplar, Kansas City

"St. Louis hosted a fine game. I am here on a work trip and just wanted to get into the mix a little bit. I am more excited about the Mets and baseball this year. You know (Carlos) Beltran is so cute!"

Allison Beckett, Secaucus, N.J.

"It was great until the final 38 seconds of the game. I was very disappointed, and the officiating was biased and horrible. I really wanted to see Louisville, but next year."

James Haudrich, Manchester

"I was pleased with the game--huge UNC fan--the inflated prices for parking and beer was wrong. I paid $35 to park my car, come on, not a smart thing."

Dudley Ruffin, Suffolk, Va.

"They (Illinois) did not play in the paint what-so-ever, what is that? They played the perimeter the entire game and could not sink a shot the first half."

Meredith Hill, Lisle, Ill.

"Man, I got so lucky this is the best place on earth--a Michigan (State) fan sold me tickets for face value Saturday--I could not believe my luck, you guys have a great town."

Macon Lawhern, Annapolis, Md.

"I am a Missouri fan. I am only down here to take advantage of the ladies participating in activities on the landing."

Kyle Jansen, St. Peters, Mo.

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