Q&A: Will the NCAA Final Four showdown be part of your weekend plans?

By Heather Anderson | Mar 30, 2005

What are your plans this weekend. Do they include the NCAA Final Four?

The SIUE Girls Basketball team will be working the game, serving food to people. So, I’ll be in the atmosphere -but it’d still be more fun to watch the game.
Alisa Carrillo, Santa Anna, Calif.

I’ll be partying and watching Illinois beat out North Carolina.
Rob Harling, Katy, Texas

I’ll be at a party celebrating SIUE making it to the NCAA, Division 2 games. I’m not too enthused about college basketball. I’m more into college football. But, I do like the excitement of the last few games.
Fred Thompson, East St. Louis

I won’t be going to the games. I’m just a poor college student. I’m rooting for Illinois to play Michigan, and Illinois taking it in the end.
Bill Milller, Auburn, Ill.

I’ll be volunteering at the Taste of St. Louis this weekend, and there’s also going to be a pep rally for the teams, so that should be fun. I’ve been following the games all year. I didn’t have the money to fill out a grid, but I’m betting on Illinois to take it.
Jessie Rodeffer, LaHarpe, Ill.

I’m going to sit down, watch the game, enjoy some plain 'ol beverages, and have a great time. It’ll come down to Illinois and North Carolina, and then Illinois’ back-court is going to rip apart North Carolina.
Illinois Fanatic, Decatur

I’ll be watching the game this weekend on TV. I’m not really off into the grids, but it’s going to come down to Illinois and North Carolina, and eventually Illinois winning it. I do like North Carolina, though.
Jarveese Landa, Chicago

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