Judge Moran

2000 Ford F-150

A dormant class action lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. and Roberts Motors of Wood River was dismissed by Madison County Circuit Judge George Moran last week.

And that may be just the beginning of his docket's spring clean-up.

Moran also is expected to dismiss more complaints on March 30 as he will hold a clean up docket at 9 a.m. on similar cases that have been dormant for some time.

A class action suit filed by Rodney Miller of Wood River against Ford and Roberts Motors was filed in October of 2001 claiming Ford F-150 pick-up trucks were deceptively marketed with an option identified as the “Trailer Towing Group, Class III.”

Miller said the radiator's size and performance--an essential component of the trailer package--were misrepresented.

Plaintiff Miller was represented by The Lakin Law Firm of Wood River, Freed & Weiss of Chicago, and the Edwards Law Firm of Corpus Christi, Texas.

According to the complaint, Ford promised that the optional trailer package--which was sold at a price between $300 and $400--was to have included a “heavy duty” radiator, but instead committed fraud when they used a smaller, lower capacity radiator.

In February of 2002, Roberts filed a motion to dismiss the case and it was granted. However, the case still remained active for almost three years.

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