John Hess III filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a woman who ran over and ultimately caused the death of his wife, Myrna.

Susan Riley of St. Clair County was named in the suit filed in St. Clair County Circuit Court March 7. Hess claims Riley backed into his wife, who was walking on a sidewalk at 2960 Best Way in Belleville, on March 8, 2003. Myrna Hess died Jan. 27, 2004.

Represented by Mark Schuver, William Niehoff, and Deanna Litzenburg of Mathis, Marifian, Richter & Grandy of Belleville, Hess is seeking at least $150,000 in damages for medical expenses, the pain and suffering his wife endured, and loss of consortium. He is seeking damages for funeral and burial expenses.

Hess claims Riley breached her duty of care by carelessly and improperly operating a vehicle which "violently and forcefully" struck his wife. He also accuses Riley of driving too fast for conditions, failing to keep a proper lookout for people in the driveway, and failing to slow down, stop, swerve, sound the horn or apply the brakes.

Hess claims that his wife suffered permanent, severe, painful and disabling injuries to various parts of her body including her head, neck, upper back, spine, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, ankles, bones, disks, muscles, joints, tendons, nerves, tissues, membranes, skin, ligaments and vessels.

05 L 163 (20th Circuit)

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