New Lawsuits: Tuesday, March 15

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 15, 2005

Fresh from the courthouse:

Christopher Dussold v. Gary Giamartino
J-Matoesian; PA-Jeffrey Ezra

  • Dussold claims Giamartino, another seven defendants as well as unknown defendants, individually or jointly, published false statements which were intended to impeach Dussold’s honesty, integrity, and virtue or reputation. Dussold is seeking at least $450,000 in compensatory damages and $400,000 in exemplary damages plus all costs of suit.
    05 L 272

    Oliver Adams v. Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    J-Kardis; PA-Gregory Tobin
  • Adams claims he was injured due to numerous repetitive traumas while repairing railroad tracks for Norfolk Southern from 1968 through 2000. Adams is seeking at least $50,000 in damages.
    05 L 273

    Michelle Kuczka, individually, as independent representative of the estate of Paul Kuczka and as personal fiduciary for Alex Paul Kuczka and Alyssa Mary Kuczka v. Olin Corporation and Steven Heiens
    J-Moran; PA-Julia Gwinn
  • Michelle Kuczka claims her husband, Paul, was killed when he was asphyxiated by breathing compressed nitrogen gas that flowed from a piping system to the air respirator he was told to wear on July 1, 2003 while working at Olin in East Alton. Kuczka is seeking damages compensable under the Illinois Wrongful Death Act and additional compensatory damages in excess of $150,000.
    05 L 274

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