Luther Trammell filed an asbestos lawsuit in St. Clair County Feb. 24 claiming 50 defendants who manufactured asbestos products caused his asbestos-related illness.

Trammell is represented by Randy Gori of Goldenberg, Miller, Heller, & Antognoli in Edwardsville. He is seeking at least $300,000 in compensatory damages, plus punitive and exemplary damages.

According to the complaint, Trammell has been hindered and prevented from pursuing his normal course of employment, thereby losing large sums of money which otherwise he would have earned. He was diagnosed with pleural thickening on Aug. 14, 2003.

Trammell was employed from 1972 to present as a welder at Keystone Steel & Wire in Peoria and as a laborer at Millwright, an Illinois-based company.

During the course of his employment Trammell claims he was exposed to and inhaled, ingested or otherwise absorbed large amounts of asbestos fibers emanating from products he was working with or around.

"The defendants knew of or should have known that the asbestos fibers contained in their products had a toxic, poisonous, and highly deleterious effect upon the health of people inhaling, ingesting, or otherwise absorbing them," the complaint states.

Trammell alleges the defendants are guilty of willful and wanton misconduct. He claims he has had to undergo costly medical treatment and that he suffers great physical pain and mental anguish as a result of his asbestos exposure.

05 L 152 (20th Circuit)

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