Belleville Memorial named in Madison County wrongful death suit

By Steve Gonzalez | Mar 5, 2005

Ryan Winschief filed a 10-count, $500,000 wrongful death suit against Belleville Memorial Hospital and several local cardiologists blaming them for his father’s death.

Robert Winschief was admitted to Memorial Hospital on Jan. 25, 2003, and later transferred to Maryville Manor, a nursing home in Maryville. He died there on Feb. 21, 2003.

Winschief also named Kurt Kloss, M.D., Sultan Hayat, M.D., Mohammad Vakassi, M.D., and Midwest Cardiology--all of Belleville--in the suit filed Feb. 23 in Madison County Circuit Court.

According to the complaint, Memorial's negligence led to his father's intracranial hemorrhage which was not treated in a timely fashion.

Among other allegations, Winschief claims that Memorial failed to safely administer and monitor his father's anti-coagulant therapy.

At least $100,000 is being sought from Memorial Hospital for loss of companionship and society, plus Robert Winchief's estate was diminished by medical and funeral expenses.

Winschief also is seeking at least $100,000 each from Drs. Kloss, Vakassi and Hayat claiming they failed to rule out that his father may have had a traumatic head injury.

Winschief also alleges Dr. Kloss failed to demonstrate an adequate knowledge of principles of safe anticoagulation therapy and failed to seek expert opinion before treating his father with aspirin and heparin.

He is represented by Robert Rowland and Aaron Dickey of Edwardsville. The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian.

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