A man struck by a car at a Godfrey Motomart filed suit against the company accusing it of failing to have a crosswalk in its parking lot.

However, the driver who was allegedly driving too fast in the parking lot was not named or blamed in the suit.

Christopher J. Gray of Godfrey alleges that after he exited the Motomart on Godfrey Road, and while walking to his car, he was struck by a vehicle driving in the parking lot on March 29, 2003. He is seeking at least $100,000 for injuries, lost wages and disabilities, plus all cost of the suit.

Gray claims he was struck within 10 feet of the building and the vehicle that struck him was driving at a high rate of speed.

In the suit, Gray claims Motomart failed to paint, mark, or otherwise delineate a pedestrian crosswalk leading to the door across the parking lot, exit lane, and driveway lane.

Motomart also failed to post a sign or lane markers to warn drivers where the door was located, and failed to adequately light the parking lot, according to the complaint.

Represented by Carol Cagle of Alton, Gray also alleges that Motomart failed to install speed bumps, speed limit signs, and also failed to warn pedestrian patrons that vehicular traffic is not warned or required to stop for pedestrians.

Gray claims as a result of Motomart's negligence he suffered permanent injuries to his head, neck, arms, and legs, and suffers from extreme physical and mental anguish along with seizure activities as a result of his injuries.

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