The mother of a girl injured in a July 2003 auto accident filed an eight-count lawsuit (05 L 85) Feb. 10 in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Represented by Daniel Juncker of Belleville, Liz Poole is suing Allen Roofing and Supply, Jeffrey Robinson, Anthony Ray and Tracey Nieder for injuries her daughter, Veronica Rodgers sustained on July 1, 2003.

Rodgers was a passenger in a car driven by Anthony Ray on Green Mount Road near Illinois Route 177 in Belleville when it collided with Jeffrey Robinson, who was operating a vehicle during the course of his employment with Allen Roofing and Supply.

According to the complaint, the defendants failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to reduce speed to avoid an accident, followed a car too closely, operated a car at an excessive rate of speed for conditions, and negligently made a sudden stop.

Poole claims the car Robinson was in had inadequate tail lights and that Robinson failed to warn of a sudden stop.

As a result of the collision, Poole claims her daughter suffered injuries to her body along with pain and suffering, medical expenses, disability and disfigurement, loss of income, loss of a normal life and an increased risk for future injury.

Poole is seeking a judgment against each defendant for a fair and just award in excess of $100,000 each but not in excess of $150,000 exclusive of interest and costs of the suit.

D’Jamel Guellil also filed suit Feb. 10 (05 L 87) alleging Keith Harris rear-ended his Ford Explorer into Guellil’s Dodge Caravan on March 4, 2003, at Route 161 and Roger Street in Swansea.

Guellil alleges Harris was driving too fast for conditions, failed to keep a proper lookout for other cars on the roadway, failed to reduce speed to avoid a collision, faield to use reasonable care to avoid a collision and operating a vehicle on a public roadway when he knew it was not in a mechanically sound condition.

Represented by Kevin Boyne of Belleville, Guellil alleges he was injured and suffered a disability and disfigurement, pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of income, and aggravation of a pre-existing condition.

Guellil is praying for a judgment to be entered in his favor and against Harris in the amount of his actual damages which are in excess of $50,000 together with all costs of the suit.

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