This Just In: Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2005

By Heather Anderson | Feb 8, 2005

Karen M. Gaffney v. Donald Z. Griffin
J-Matoesian; PA-Robert W. Schmieder

  • On Aug. 14, 2005, at the intersection of Route 3 and St. Thomas Road in Granite City. Gaffney claims Griffin sped into the rear of her vehicle. Gaffney is seeking at least $50,000 for multiple injuries and medical expenses.
    05 L 134#

    Bradley B. Bolt v. Carrie Ramsey, and Laidlaw Bus Company
    J-Kardis; PA-Brian L. Polinske
  • Bolt claims on July 20, 2004, while driving his 1988 Ford F150 pickup truck on Route 203 in Madison County, Laidlaw employee Ramsey collided into his Ford pickup. Bolt is seeking at least $100,000 for permanent disability, medical expenses, emotional distess and lost wages.
    05 L 135#

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