Street Q&A: What do SIUE students think about privatizing Social Security?

By Heather Anderson | Feb 8, 2005

Scott Morgan Should Social Security be privatized?

Scott Morgan

Michael Toje

Gerald Taylor

Kaitlin Alderman

Lee Ann Lomax

Jasmyn Norful

Paul Redel

The Record asked students at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, "Should Social Security be privatized?" Here's what they had to say:

"Retirees shouldn’t have to work longer, or the young shouldn’t have to put off college to enter the work force sooner, either. These solutions infringe on our personal freedom. I do believe that privatization is the best solution, because it offers choice, and it places the responsibility with the individual."
Scott Morgan, Collinsville

"No, privatization is like a roulette wheel; it puts the Social Security to the market, in a position to go up and down. Social Security, as it is currently distributed through the government, is a guaranteed benefit."
Michael Toje, Edwardsville

"I’m more secure with Social Security as it is now, at least you’re guaranteed that money. Privatization offers too much of a risk."
Gerald Taylor, Chicago.

"It’s very scary that it could be cut out, it's our future."
Kaitlin Alderman, Decatur.

"Privatization has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s good because it offers choice, and non-beneficial for those people who can’t invest."
Lee Ann Lomax, Georgetown, Ill.

"I don’t agree with privatization, it's just another way for the rich to get richer. I do believe we should educate ourselves on making wise investment choices so that our kids won’t be left out. I’m for the people, and I believe we should make laws that are inclusive for all."
Jasmyn Norful, St. Louis

"I would agree with privatization if it were government controlled and monitored. So, if a business goes 'belly up,' then the government should absorb the investments--something similar to the FDIC. It definitely should be government-regulated."
Paul Redel, Rockford.

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