A Madison County civil jury awarded $30,000 to the family of a boy who was attacked by a dog while riding his bike.

The case filed Jan. 31, 2002, by Sheila Bilich on behalf of her son, was seeking damages in excess of $50,000 against Greg Modrusic of Granite City. Bilich was represented by John Hustava of Collinsville.

Bilich claimed that on April 20, 2000, Modrusic allowed his dog to run the streets of the neighborhood and the dog attacked her son who was riding a bicycle.

Her son was violently thrown to the street off his bicycle breaking his collarbone and injuring his shoulder, according to Bilich.

After hearing the case which took two days to present, the jury deliberated an hour-and-a-half on Jan. 25 and returned with a total verdict of $30,000 in favor of Bilich.

Modrusic was represented by Ernie Brasier of Boggs, Boggs, and Bates of St. Louis. Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron presided over the case.

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