Vioxx-related suit filed in St. Clair County

By The Madison County Record | Jan 26, 2005

East St. Louis resident Rosalyn Jackson filed an 11-count suit against Merck & Co. and Walgreen's claiming a stroke she suffered was caused by taking Vioxx.

Jackson, who is represented by Jeffrey Lowe, Joseph P. Dani and Evan Buxner of Walther Glenn of St. Louis, claims she was unaware of the dangers posed by Vioxx until she developed heart disease and had to undergo a quadruple bypass.

The suit seeks a judgment in McQuay's favor for a fair and just amount of actual damages in an amount to be proved at trial, costs of the suit, pre-judgment and post-judgment interest and punitive damages.

Merck pulled Vioxx on Sept. 30 after a study showed it increased the risk of heart attack and stroke if taken for more than 18 months. Since then it has been the target of hundreds of consumer fraud class action lawsuits across the country.

There are three such pending cases in Madison County Circuit Court.

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