New Lawsuits: Thursday, Jan. 20

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 20, 2005

Casey Napoleon v. AW Chesterton
J-Stack; PA-Randy Gori

  • Asbestos case
    05 L 057

    Sandra Terry v. CRST Van Expedited d/b/a Malone Inc.
    J-Nicholas G. Byron; PA-Scroggins Law Office
  • Terry alleges that on Aug. 20, 2003, Ried negligently drove his semi-tractor trailer into her vehicle on I-55 North in Madison County. She is seeking at least $100,000 for permanent injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.
    05 L 058

    City of Granite City v. Madison County Illinois, a Governmental Entity
    J-Stack; PA- Roth & Evans
  • A former Granite City employee who retired in May 2001, but kept secondary health coverage, suffered a heart attack and incurred $170,000 in medical bills while employed by Madison County. Madison County refused to pay the medical bills. To avoid a breach of agreement, Granite City paid the bills, but claims that Madison County should share the costs. The plaintiff is asking for at least $50,000.
    05 L 059

    Frances Loftus v. Julie Riviar & Sears Roebuck & Co.
    J-Matoesian; PA-Michael P. Glisson
  • Loftus claims she tripped on carpet while working at the Sears Portrait Studio at Alton Aquare Mall causing serious injuries. Loftus is seeking at least $100,000 in damages.
    05 L 060

    Kenneth Decker v. Alton Southern Railway
    J-Kardis; PA-Stephen Tillery
  • Decker alleges that on July 28, 2004, he was injured on the job when another train negligently collided with the train in which he was a passenger. He also claims that conditions of his employment led to bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Decker is seeking at least $50,000 in damages.
    05 L 061

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