A Belleville man who was thrown off his feet while unloading pallets of air compressors from a truck--and his wife who has been deprived of the fruits of his labor--are suing Schneider Trucking Company for his injuries.

William Pflueger filed a personal injury lawsuit Jan. 18 in St. Clair County Circuit Court claiming he fell to the floor of a tractor trailer when the driver began to move away from a loading dock at Sears Hardware in Belleville. The incident took place Jan. 30, 2003.

According to the complaint, when the driver noticed the truck was moving he stopped the tractor trailer abruptly and locked the brakes, which caused Pflueger to be thrown into a pallet jack and trailer wall.

Pflueger is seeking a judgment in excess of $50,000. Ingrid Pflueger, William’s wife, also is seeking at least $50,000 in damages, claiming her husband's injuries have deprived her of his love and affection.

She also claims she was dependent upon her husband "for the necessities of her life which he did by the fruits of his labor provide to her, and other benefits of married life including but not limited to husbandly devotion and coverture."

According to the suit, Schneider negligently and carelessly failed to maintain control of its tractor trailer and breached the standard of ordinary care by failing to:

  • Operate the tractor trailer in a safe manner while the trailer was being unloaded at the loading dock;

  • Set the brakes on the truck while Pflueger was unloading the trailer at the loading dock;

  • Communicate that he was moving the trailer away from the loading dock;

  • Train employees concerning safety measures required for unloading trailers at a loading dock;

  • Personally verify that the trailer was still being unloaded or occupied by Sears personnel; and

  • Consult with Pflueger regarding the amount of time required for unloading the trailer.

    As a result of Schneider's alleged negligence, Pflueger severely and permanently injured numerous parts of his body and nervous system and suffered great mental and physical pain and suffering and will continue to suffer in the future.

    Pflueger claims he suffers limitations and disabilities and has lost great sums of earnings and will continue to suffer those losses along with many doctor and hospital bills.

    The Pfluegers are represented by Ronald Duebbert of the Duebbert Law Offices of Belleville.

    05 L 30 (20th Circuit)

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