A worker is suing a Maryville charity for more than $50,000 because she fell on clothing and suffered serious injuries.

Katie Bauers claims she was hurt on Aug. 21, 2004, at Maryville Ministerial Alliance (MMA) on Zuppan Road in Maryville when she allegedly fell on debris, material and clothing on the defendant's floor.

Represented by John Hustava of Collinsville, Bauers claims MMA failed to properly maintain control of the premises and allowed overstocked clothing in the store and aisles.

She also claims that MMA failed to warn her of the conditions of the aisles, and also claims she was not warned about the store's poor lighting.

While Bauers was working in the aisles she was "violently thrown against shelving" after slipping on accumulated clothing and plastic in an aisle, according to the suit.

"The plaintiff was made sick, sore, lame, disordered and disabled and suffered extensive injuries to her body and limbs, both internally and externally," the complaint states.

Bauers allegedly received injuries to her right shoulder, and is disabled as a result.

The suit claims Bauers has experienced pain and suffering--and most likely will in the future--and she has been forced to spend money for medical care and treatment.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian.
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