A school lunch monitor who got caught in the middle horseplay is suing the student and his parents for more than $50,000 for neck and back injuries she sustained.

Patricia Belk, a cafeteria monitor at North Middle School in Godfrey, filed suit Jan. 7 in Madison County Circuit Court. She is represented by personal injury lawyer Lance Mallon of Wood River.

Belk alleges that on Jan. 13, 2004, at 11:50 a.m., Brian Edelen, "was negligent and careless while horseplaying and scuffling with another student while other people were in close proximity."

As a result of Edelen's negligence, Belk alleges the other student involved in the horseplay was thrown into her and caused her injuries. In the suit she claims pain and suffering, disability, medical expenses and lost wages.

Belk is alo seeking damages from Harold and Mary Edelen, parents of Brian, an un-emancipated minor who "willfully and maliciously engaged in horseplay resulting in him pushing another student into Belk," according to the suit. The incident caused Belk to incur medical and hospital expenses in excess of $2,500.

Belk is seeking at least $2,500 and all costs of the suit from Harold and Mary Edelen.

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