Tillery's new suit is obscene

By The Madison County Record | Jan 2, 2005

To the editor:

First, thank you for your excellent, informative and unbiased news articles.

However, why am I not surprised that the infamous Madison County, Ill. is in the news again? This new lawsuit (Tillery's firm sues big tobacco again, Dec. 29) is obscene and would be an insult to any court system in our country. I wonder if the Kruegers and their attorneys can be sued for filing a frivolous lawsuit a second time, after requesting the case be dismissed "without prejudice" the first time?

I wonder how Rebekah Krueger can live with herself, knowing that she is using her husband's illness in such a despicable manner?

Consumers (to the best of my knowledge) still voluntarily make their own choices when they make retail purchases. I have not learned of any lawsuits against the Food and Drug Administration, food manufacturers and retailers for selling "low fat" products under false pretenses for more than 20 years.

Were these small convenience store chains even in business 24 years prior to 2000? Did Salem Lights exist in 1976? I am also curious as to what brand of cigarettes Gerald Krueger now smokes and where his cigarettes are now purchased. I doubt if he has quit smoking voluntarily after so many years.

Garnet Dawn
The Smoker's Club, Inc.

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