I read your editorial, "By Way Of Introduction" (Sept. 7) online, and wanted to comment that you are providing a much needed service for all parties involved in conflicts--and not just in own your locale, but across the entire country!

What you're doing is turning on a "lightbulb" in a very dark closet.

It's a sorry situation when an "injured party" must turn to the court system to get "relief." It's even sorrier when no relief can result, even after all of the "fun and games" of litigation and/or "agency law" have been played out.

I'd been taught from infancy to believe that when things go horribly wrong, the civilized way to try to get things right again is by going through the court system or governmental entities created and funded by the taxpayer. However, laws to "protect the public," in my personal and still ongoing experience, has been teaching me that "It ain't true McGee."

I can't begin to express how truly sickening this discovery is.

Ginger Sanchez
Seattle, Wash.

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