Making money the new-fashioned way

By The Madison County Record | Dec 5, 2004

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

I came across your publication and article while checking out another, what I consider to be, friviolous lawsuit against a company of which I hold shares.

Everyone has to make a living. I'm making mine by buying stocks of companies that get sued in class action lawsuits. It is all part of the scheme by short-sellers to drive the price down and make money. I go long.

I am able to retire because of a lawsuit. One of my stocks was sued by the usual suspects, but the complaint was so outrageous, I quadrupled my holdings and now have an income for life.

I've been investing for three years and this was just too good not to "let happen!" I got my first big dividend check yesterday on 20,000 shares. I bought them on margin and pay 4% interest and they are paying me 14% dividends.

The longs just love to share the news. We shareholders have our own website and you are welcome to join our discussion on the NFI Yahoo message board. It is a hoot.

You can see the website "as featured in the Wall Street Journal and Kansas City Business Journal." Boy, we would love to have a line including your Madison County Record!

Be sure to visit this site and get insight into what shareholders are doing to fight back without hiring lawyers.

Mary Helburn
Los Altos, Calif.

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