Rash of vandalism frustrates GOP

By Ann Knef | Oct 13, 2004

Whether it's run of the mill campaign shenanigans or out of control zealotry, area Republicans are frustrated by a recent rash of vandalism.

"Whoever is doing it is sending a message that Democrats are scared to death Republicans are going to win elections," said Rosalie Davis, Madison County Republican chairman.

Late last week a sign at the organization's headquarters in Edwardsville was defaced by spray paint with the words "fear" and "lies."

"We're not going to take it down until after the election," Davis said. "We want people to see what they're capable of."

Mac Warfield, chairman of the Madison County Democratic organization, said he has no idea who is responsible for the actions.

"It happens every election," he said. "I hate to see it. People pay good money for those signs. My daddy used to say, 'signs don't vote, people do'."

Davis, who filed a complaint with Edwardsville police, said she's heard reports of similar vandalism and theft of Repubican signs in nearby areas and in other parts of the state.

Warfield said he is not aware of significant damage to rival Democratic signage.

"I haven't heard that much," he said.

"This kind of activity seems to be worse than in year's past," Davis said. "Just down the street from where I live a large 4 x 8 Bush sign was stolen."

A spokesperson for the St. Clair County Republicans said there are widespread vandalism problems in the county.

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