New Lawsuits: Tuesday, Oct. 12

By Steve Gonzalez | Oct 13, 2004

Lisa Faulk v. Roehl Transport Inc., Maurie A. Irish
J-Moran; PA-Christine Anderson

  • Faulk, of Highland, alleges that on April 24, while driving her Ford Focus on I-55/70 at the Third Street exit in East St. Louis, a tractor trailor owned by Roehl Transport performed an illegal U-turn across the center divider causing a chain reaction collison in which she was involved. Faulk claims she had closed head injuries and a fractured elbow, among other injuries.
    04 L 1131

    Shauna Porter v. Ed McPike d/b/a Haunting of the Grand
    J-Matoesian; PA-Robert Scott Forbes
  • Porter claims that while visiting the Haunting of the Grand in Alton in October 1996, she injured herself when she struck her face against a concealed wall, fracturing her nose.
    04 L 1132

    Dennis Hilderbrand v. Charles Machine Work
    J-Kardis; PA-James P. Leonard
  • Case file was not immediately available. Please check next week's update section to see case details.
    04 L 1133

    Lavon Cook v. Lucas Pearce
    J-Byron; PA-Kenneth Patrick Danzinger
  • Cook alleges that while driving in Madison County, Pearce violently collided with her vehicle at the intersection of Edwards and Washington causing injuries to her back, neck and chest.
    04 L 1134

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