A Glen Carbon racquet club that no longer exists is being sued by a woman who claims she tripped and violently fell to the ground while playing tennis.

Maxine Bauer of Madison County filed suit Friday, alleging the accident took place Oct. 9, 2002. Kettle River Racquet Club, formerly located at 2848 State Route 159, is no longer in business. The club closed after the looming home improvement store Lowe’s purchased the property and opened shop at the site in February.

Bauer claims that as she was approaching the net her foot became entangled in a black strip that holds the net tightly. She alleges that the strip was torn away causing her to fall and suffer permanent injury.

Jeffery Weishaupt, an East Alton attorney for Bauer, filed a suit in the Law Division seeking damages over $50,000.

The plaintiff and her attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.

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