On Friday the 8th at 9:00, Judge Byron will hear a defense motion to compel arbitration and stay proceedings in class action lawsuit Josephine Coleman ind. and on behalf v. America's Moneyline, first filed in the 3rd Circuit Court in November 2002.

Coleman is alleging that America’s Moneyline (AML) illegally charged her $30 at closing for a courier to deliver loan documents to the title company. She claims the courier did not cost $30.

Coleman lives in Godfrey and is represented by the Lakin Law Firm of Wood River.

Coleman says AML 'inflated' the amount it told her it pays the courier so it could 'secretly' pocket the difference.

Based in Glen Allen, Virginia, AML is an affiliate of Saxon Capital, and they specialize in home loans, even with people with bad credit. The company is represented by Hinshaw and Culbertson of Chicago.

AML has one Illinois office, in the DuPage County Chicago suburb of Oakbrook Terrace, a Chicago suburb.

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