1.Nichols-Siedhoff, Naomi I&B
2.Vucich, James I&B
3.Citizens Utility Board
1.Korein Tillery
2.Diab & Bock
3.Richard Balough
1.Ameritech Corp. DBA Ameritech Ill
2.Illinois Bell Telephone Co. DBA Ameritech Ill
1.Kirkland & Ellis
2.Thompson Coburn
2/6/04 Motion for preliminary approval of class settelment.
8/19/04 Regarding Settlement: Letter addressed to Judge Byron from Illinois Commerce Commision
9/8/04 Hearing of settlement proceeding called and heard-see orders for details court reporter Linda Abendroth Judge Byron proceeding
9/8/04 Judgement-All objections to the proposed settlement are overruled, including the objections filed by amicus. The parties motion for final approval of the proposed settlement is allowed: Plaintiff's counsel's applicationfor attorney's fees and cost reimbursement is allowed in the amount of $1,925,000.00. Korein Tillery to receive $1,018,044.22, Diab & Bock to receive $573,061.98 and George a Zelcs to receive $333,893.80. The requested additional compensation for the class representatives is allowed. The case is hereby dismissed with prejudice, the court retaining jurisdiction over settlement

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