Dundeen, Joseph vs. Firstplus Bank a Cailfornia Corp.

By The Madison County Record | Mar 16, 2001


1.Dundeen, Joseph I&B
2.Callender, Keith I&B
3.Callender, Diane I&B
4.Speece, Geraldine I&B
5.Speece, Tommy I&B
1-5.Carey & Danis, LLC
1.Firstplus Bank a Cailfornia Corp.
2.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1996 2 a Deleware Corp.
3.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1996 3 a Deleware Corp.
4.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1996 4 a Deleware Corp.
5.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1997 1 a Deleware Corp.
6.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1997 2 a Deleware Corp.
7.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1997 3 a Deleware Corp.
8.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1997 4 a Deleware Corp.
9.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1998 1 a Deleware Corp.
10.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1998 2 a Deleware Corp.
11.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1998 3 a Deleware Corp.
12.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1998 4 a Deleware Corp.
13.Firstplus Home Loan Trust 1998 5 a Deleware Corp.
14.German American Capital Corp. a Maryland Corp
15.UBS Warburg Real Estate Securities INC FKA Pain Weber Real Estate
16.Ace Securities Corp. a Home Loan Trust
17.Sovereign Bank Foundation
18.Real Time Resolutions Inc a Texas Corp
19.US Bank NA
1.Walker & Williams
14.Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP
5/8/01 Removed
6/22/01 Reinstated

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