Madison County real estate March 20-26

By Carrie Gonzalez | Apr 10, 2015

March 20, 2015

$366,800- 36 Acres on State Route 140- Elvera P. Yesnosky to Ronald . and Janet E. Hunsche


$102,000- Wood Station Rd. and Vonnahmen Rd. - Dean E. Copeland to John F. and Kristina L. Hamilton

$15,750- Wood Station Rd. - Henry Dennis Bush to John F. and Kristina L. Hamilton

$22,500- Wood station Rd. - Steven White to John F. and Kristina L. Hamilton


$91,000- 571 Shellview Dr. - Janic Kellerman to Samantha Berry

$207,000- 4526 E. Golike Ln.- Ricky and Amy Helmkamp to Dale and Jeanne Schaefer


$29,000- 522 N. Guernsey St. - Vicki L. Hurst to First National Acceptance Co.

$23,500- 115 Teckla Ave. - US Bank to Ryan Giacoletto


$155,000- 623 N. Kansas St. - Kristy K. Lambe to David Korn

Granite City

$70,000- 2025 Lee Ave. - BNM Properties to Rafiel Valdes

$20,000- 2500 Propes Ave.- Thomas Henry Holtgrave, David Herman Holtgrave and Alvin Louis Hotlgrave to Timothy R. Dobler

$4,000- 2221 Ohio Ave. - Charles P. Johannigmeier III to David Blackwell

$96,000- 4160 Pontoon Rd.- R. Thompson to Larry Manns


$200,000- 6959 Gagona Ct. - Musec Homes to Constance Freeman McBride


$6,467- 407 Edwardsville Rd. - Illinois Department of Transportation to Troy Methodist Church

March 23, 2015

$85,000- 317 Maurice St. - Robert and Julie Kirbach to Margaret and Stephanie Doody

$19,200- 504 Sering Ave - The Judicial Sales Group to Secretary of HUD

$105,000- 305 State St. - Robert S. and Linda A. Forbes to River Side Properties


$123,000- 801 Pennsylvania St. - Debra L. Keller to Randy E. Johnson Jr.

$94,000- 610 Burroughs Ave. - Delbert E. May Sr. to Megan Griffith and Joseph H. Oliver Jr.

$35,000- 308 N. Center St. - Tefada and Associates to Adam and Ashley Embrey

$109,000- 15 Kimberly Ct. - Paul Demediuk to Gene Vanek


$306,974- 81 E. Southcrest Circle- Landon Terry to Cyril and Sheeja Cyril Pandarakalam

$139,000- 1384 Biscay- Matthew Labertew to Timothy H. and Rebekah Black

Glen Carbon

$390,000- 6 White Fang Dr. - Jacqueline F. Pieron to Derek Guardilola


$240,000- 1704 Blu Fountain Ct.- Sally McClain to Edward and Erika Jacobs

Granite City

$42,300- 2457 St. Clair Ave. - Warren and Juanita Huffines to A.R. Property

$91,500- 2505 Lynch Ave. - Keith A. Moran to Terry J. Manion

$135,000- 36 Mikel Dr. - William D. Cook to Cory L. Respondek

$25,000- 1712 Sycamore St. - Charles C. and Sharon L. Deweese to HomeInvestors


$210,000- 12542 Tree Line Dr. - Secretary of VA to Timothy J. and Robin R. Zeller


$264,000- 1929 Crimson Oak Dr. - Christy E. Lexow to Michael A. and Marcia G. Gatens

Wood River

$25,000- 523 State St. - Alfred L. Daves to Casey Mullaney

$205,000- 107 Shawnee- Jeffrey and Tera Durbin to Micah and Amber Redman

March 24, 2015

$296,200- 7441 Sunset Acres Dr.- Penn Builders to Steven W. and Kimberly A. Metcalf

$195,000- 15 Sugar Ln.- Donald Arthur Soper to Rachelle Mansholt

$138,000- 117 Kimberly Ct.- Gayle E. Tegtmeier to Steven and Sheila Solarz

$18,500- 1802 Ramada Blvd., Unit #F- Fannie Mae to Brent L. Baker

$177,500- 2003 Hillcreek Rd. - John L. Robbers to Chad M. Janson

$185,000- Clay St. Rd. - Nan Stogsdill to Richard and Eric W. Kindle


$142,000- 266 Woodland Dr. - Sara E. Sanderson to Neil L. Wilson and Suzanne L. Darr

Glen Carbon

$134,000- 280 Westgien Dr. - Secretary of VA to Nicholas Imbwaga and Verah Bonareri

$60,000- 10 Squire Dr. - Craig D. and Christopher P. Phelps to Craig Phelps and Stephanie Phelps


$158,500- 905 Hampton Ct. - Chris and Virginia Bozarth to Thomas Morstman and Mary Maggart

Granite City

$124,000- 2542 Cleveland Blvd. -Christopher and Elizabeth Zimmer to Jeffrey L. and Kimberly D. Evans

$33,511- 2804 Nameoki Rd. - Secretary of HUD to Shannon M. McEntyre and Brittany R. Goodwin

$38,000- 3009 Myrtle Ave. - Ronald J. Barrios to A&R Property Development

$31,680- 3088 Wayne Ave.- The Judical Sales Corp to Secretary of HUD


$232,000- 108 Burns Farm Blvd. - Steven and Vanessa Paradee to Deborah J. South

$300,000- 355 Redwood Dr. - Jason and Jodie Shemwell to Steven D. and Vanessa E. Paradee

$80,000- 234 Gremer Ave. - David H. Vanvertloo and JoAnn Ursprung to mariano and Rosaura Cortez

$175,000- 2 Oriole Ct. - William Martin Zimmer Jr. to Christopher D. and Elizabeth G. Zimmer

$235,000- 1300 Carters Grove- Julie Beth Neubauer to Kevin and Kelly Albers


$38,000- 525 Sarah St. - Ann and Lonnie Clayton to Brent L. Buffington


$108,750- 2 Brase Ct. - Roland F. and Diane M. Jeffers to Joshua A. and Brieanna N. Luebbers


$71,511- 921 Borri Dr. - Deutsche Bank to Ortie M. Mason

$157,900- 2017 Briarbend Ct. - Rachelle Mansholt to Ellen Eileen Devine

New Douglas

$220,000- 11614 Hillsboro Rd. - Daniel P. and Susan M. McTearnen to Terry and Judy Fleming


$195,000- 108 Sunnybrooke- Dane R. Spencer to Kasey J. and Kathryn L. Fenimore

$177,000- 1 Lake Terrace Ct. - Wendy L. and Michael J. Mulia to Donald T. and Lucinda K. Faller

$143,000- 22 Meadowbrooke Dr.- Secretary of VA to William J. and Colleen F. Marr

March 25, 2015

$85,000- 324 Brentwood Blvd. - Matthew G. Leah M. Ursch to Devin L. Puskar

East Alton

$84,900- 105 Wood River Ave. - Paul J. Hudson to Michael Frazier


$45,000- 222 S. Morrison Ave. - Randall and Karen Dougherty to S. Morrison 1 Trust


$60,000- 1409 North Main St. - Daniel R. Will to Madeline Bedwell

$95,000- 265 Wyandotte St. - Stephen and Amber Haegele to Wyandotte 1 Trust

Glen Carbon

$4,000- 2 Cottonwood Glen Dr. - William Edward Skinner to William Edward Skinner

Granite City

$14,000- 3815 Pontoon Rd. - Robert P. Cuvar, James A. Cuvar, Leonard M. Cuvar, David J. Cuvar, June M. Makina, Chirstina M. Linhart, Wendy K. Cuvar, Lisa J. Cuvar, Kennth M. Cuvar, Kimberly M. Isreel and Nicholas A. Cuvar to Bob Merchant


$5,000- 909 Reynolds- Keith Smith to Robert McGee

March 26, 2015

$21,500- W. North St. - Gean and Eleanor L. Gregory to Steven G. Abert


$29,000- 1102 Cleveland St. - Federal National Mortgage to DDD Holdings

East Alton

$55,000- 204 Tomlinson St. - Gregory G. and Karen K. Pope to Michael J. Herrin

$1,334,000- 716 W. St. Louis Ave. - The Humphreys fund to Quiktrip Corp.

$1,334,000- 716 W. St. Louis Ave. - Quiktrip Corp to Mac's Convenience Stores


$235,000- 890-Y Malibu Way- Lynne M. Johnson to Matthew E. Labertew

$42,000- 704 Autumn Forest- Terry J. and Kathleen Scaturro to PFund Construction

Glen Carbon

$184,000- 112 Dunwoody Dr. - Estate of Helen J. Philabaun to Gary Bland


$4,000- Tibbett St. - Rebecca L. Moyers, Denise Palmer, David R. Patton to David R. Patton

$100,000- 4726 North Alby Rd. - Dwight, John, Elizabeth, Lisa Seymour to Grant Ebbeler

Granite City

$88,000- 2634 Pine St. - Secretary of HUD to Brandon Lee Yeager and Mariah Elizabeth Perkins

$53,000- 2915 Palmer Ave. - David Paz to Joshua Campbell

$53,500- 115 Briarcliff Dr. - Richard Watkins to Kyle J. Hyduke

50,000- 3209 Rodger Ave. - Robert J. and Dawn M. Patrich to Edward J. Schmitt


$282,000- 50 Crooked Stick Dr.- Loren Jay Chassels to Guy Jordan Sr. and Gwendolyn Jordan

$120,000- 60A Chase Way- Randy C. and Teri A. Korte to Georgiana and John P. Lee

$129,900- 80 Stonebrook Dr. - Barbara Mena to Travis W. Becherer

$153,000- 15 Falcon Dr. E. - Allan R. Bloemker to Loren Jay Chassels

$175,000- 110 Rosin Dr. - Nathan Daniel Kempwerth and Lori Ellen Kampwe to Noah J. Haukap and Samantha J. Kampwerth


$215,000- 6963 Magona Ct. - Musec Homes to Michael and Maureen Mehelic

St. Jacob

$210,500- Hwy 40- Warren Haven Westfall to Kevin and Linda Byrne


$258,000- 634 E. US Hwy 40- Fannie Mae to Richard Pisko

Wood River

$1,500- S W Corner Main and Ashlock- Andrew Fredla to Wood River Levee Dist.

$67,000- 414 E. Lorena Ave. - Dustin Rieger to Ritch Goldizen

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