A St. Clair County woman claims she sustained severe and permanent injuries when she exited the Walgreen's parking lot in Shiloh.

Gloria Ostman of Belleville filed the lawsuit on March 30 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Anne Kessler of Shiloh, alleging negligence in a March 2013 motor vehicle accident.

According to the filing, Ostman was traveling eastbound on Thouvenot Lane at or near its intersection with Hartman Lane in Shiloh on March 29, 2013, when Kessler pulled northbound onto Thouvenot Lane from a Walgreen’s parking lot. Ostman claims Kessler’s vehicle unexpectedly collided with the front of her 2012 Cadillac CTS.

The plaintiff claims severe and permanent injuries, medical expenses, physical pain and mental anguish, diminished daily function and loss of earning capacity.

The defendant is accused of negligently and carelessly failing to drive safely, failing to keep a proper lookout, failing to maintain a safe speed with regard to traffic conditions and highway use, failing to decrease her speed, failing to stop or swerve at the intersection to avoid crashing and failing to sound her horn in warning.

Ostman is seeking damages in excess of $50,000, plus attorneys’ fees and costs. She is represented by Kenneth Halvachs and Ronald Abernathy of Halvachs & Abernathy in Belleville.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number 15-L-184

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