St. Clair County real estate Feb. 2-6

By Carrie Gonzalez | Feb 20, 2015

February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015


$99,000- 409 S. High St. - Murphy Shalabi to Wendy Wachter

$38,500- 74 Grandvue Dr.- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Bradley J.. and Jenni E. Patridge

$29,000- 300 S. 17th St. - Mississippi Valley Properties to Cassel Construction

$10,00- 701 E. McKinley- Eh Pooled Investments to ASA Properties

$3,700- 2222 Calgary Dr. - Empire Tax Corp to JEA Investments

$345,000- 3132 Roan Hill Dr. - Harold and Linda Whitworth to Scott and Stephanie Hill

$87,500- 71 Wabash Ave. - Clint and Lindsay Forythe to Alan and Carla Morrill and Jacob Campbell

$26,000- 46 Janet Dr. - People National Bank to My Father's Work

$217,000- 208 Clearwater Dr. - David and Lisa Sells to Rashel and Jerome Jefferson

$12,500- 322 W. F St. - EH Pooled 114 to Ronald Dahl

$145,000- 1932 Galway Dr. - Mervin M. Satterlee to Tiffany Guthrie

$96,000- 6515 Old St. Louis Rd. - Robert A. and Amy M. Davis to Shanna Rousey


$16,000- 13 Hanover Ln. - Linda Marshall to Larry W. Jameson

$10,000- 104 and 108 St. Leo Dr. - Nelson Jones Revocable Trust to David Jones


$40,000,000- 11,12,15 Tucker Dr., 1625 Pardue Dr.- Trover Family Business to LSI Acquisitions

$3,000- 1730 Black Ln.- Charles Hampton to Rafael Gustavo Castillo Rivera

$8,500- 7998 Sonora Ridge- Empire Tax Corp to Forest Lakes Acquisition

$6,500- 7994 Sonora Ridge- Bluestem Properties to Forest Lake Acquisitions


$80,000- 22 Woodland Dr. - Timothy Walsh to James and Laura Evans


$55,000- 229 Lime St.- Kevin D. Hergenroeder Sr. to William E. Dieser Jr. and Rebecca L. Smith

East St. Louis

$37,976- 417 N. 8th St. - Delbert Woods to Christian Activity Center

Fairview Heights 

$55,000- 32 Potomac Dr. - James C. and Janet E. Cronin to GMW Assets

$202,000- 208 Bayberry Dr. - David R. and Haley J. Riechmann to Christopher S. and Nicole T. Frankl 


$145,000- 2 Country Ln. - MHP I Rental Properties to Jason Guyette


$90,000- 519 W. Washington ST.- Wayne Jones, Patricia Crawford, and Frieda Mae Jones to Richard A. II and Tracy L. Holmes

$210,000- 120 Gladwyn Dr. - Robert J. and Jessica M. Wachtel to Corinne C. Kirby


$241,500- 612 Shamrock Dr.- Kristopher C. and Sarah E. Nagy to Terry D. and Melissa Sade Johnson

$283,371- 713 Merrifields Dr.- H&L Land Trust to William J. and Alicia K. LaDuke

$32,500- 936 St. Clair St.- Federal National Mortgage to Sandra J. Longust

$218,500- 1516 Nottinghill Dr. - Daniel A. Lester to Michael A. and Kari R. Murray

$62,000- 449-451 Bandmour Pl.- Scott/Troy Developers to Barnes Properties

$173,750- 1213 Applewhite Rd.- Rey A. and Mary A. Neville to Chelsea S. and Alexander E. Altman

$297,000- 1262 Elisabeth Dr. - Michael and Angie Bianco to Christopher and Misty Gilmore


$134,000- 4524 Elk Meadows Ln.- Amanda Walden to Jerry and Claudia Casten

$55,650- 2 E. Fischer St. - Marjean Webb to Kenneth C. and Wanda L. Bozsa


$104,000- 212 Castellano Dr. - Imagineering Development Corp. to Gavin McNutt


$205,000- 8318 Old Lebanon Troy Rd. - Ernest F. Hilliker to Loren Scott McKane and Samantha M. Eiskant

February 3, 2015


$136,500- 204 & 212 Gettysburg Rd.- Tom Elliott to Paul M. and Deanne M. White

$89,000- 18 Clinton Hill Dr. - Tony R. Crenshaw to John T. Middendorff and Andrea M. Dugger

$35,721- 36 Morrison Dr.- The Judicial Sales Corp. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

$111,415- 813 Edenburgh Way- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

$50,000- 426 N. 39th St. - Rosemary V. Hoffman to Stephen W. Hoffman

East Carondelet

$6,500- 1405 State St. - Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Johnnie Hearty

East St. Louis

$15,000- 1737 Parklane Dr. - Fannie Mae to Joseph C. and Letitia Griffin


$185,000- 1219 Larkspur- Juan D. Cardona to Scott W. and Lisa A. VinCa 


$115,500- 913 Indian Springs Rd.- JPMorgan Chase Bank to John L. and Sharon L. Moore

$40,500- 1437 Victoria Square Ct.- Southern IL Land Investments to D&F Contracting


$19,900- 1659 Sauget Business Blvd.- 1659 Sauget Business Blvd. to RT Sauget LLC

$21,100- 1659 Sauget Business Blvd. - WR Acquisitions to RT Sauget Member 


$55,000- 18 Mars Dr. - Secretary of HUD to Daniel Joseph Gula

February 4, 2015


$67,900- 1901 Menard Dr. - US Bank and Trust National Association to Geraldine S. Beelman

$103,500- 2000 E. C St. - Rama Properties to Jacqueline Rickert

$56,000- 1970 Celebration Park Cr.- Sheriff of St. Clair County to Secretary of HUD


$20,000- South Independence St.- Marian Krausz to Daniel L. and Lisa E. Krausz

$66,000- 1220 McKinley St.- Cory W. and Kathryn M. Smith to Roger T. Stempel

$140,000- 921 W. South St. - Ryan R. Hinrichs and Lori K. Webster to Aaron England


$80,000- 1004 N. Yale Dr.- Ocwen Loan Servicing to Shane Maschloff


$310,000- 4715 Driftstone Ln.- Douglas and Sheila Payne to Keith and Cindy AndersoN

February 5, 2015 


$75,000- 614 N. Douglas Ave. - Ron and Paula Gregorecz to Eric W. Musick

$64,000- 200 Optimist Dr.- Kondavk Capital Corp. to Rachel Page

$87,500- 1210 Express Dr. - Brenda C. Balutis to R. B. Anderson


$225,000- 1612 Camp Jackson Rd.- Ricky Patel to Diyapayal

$24,000- 510 St. Paul Dr. - Rochelle Fielder to St. Louis Investments

$30,000- 112 St. Paul Dr.- TMP Real Estate Group to Wide View Properties

$30,000- 240 St. John Dr.- TMP Real Estate Group to Wide View Properties

$38,000- 768 Leon St. - TMP Real Estate Group to Wide View Properties


$92,043- 1621 Alvina Dr.- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

East St. Loui 

$24,000- 8924 Woestboul Dr. - Kara Stewart to Devin Walke 

Fairmont City

$338,811- 1951 Collinsville Rd.- Ankit Amrut Patel to HIKS LLC

Fairview Heights

$50,000- 88 Circle Dr. - AEB Properties to Linda Parker

$60,000- 25 Del Ray Dr. - Donald J. Johnson to Beth Lidisky


$50,000- Weil Rd. - Nathalie F. Reno to Chad and Joanne Reno 


$22,500- 1016 N. Hamilton- Timothy D. Rogers to David and Evelyn Schneidewind


$225,000- 8863 State Route 163- Edwin A. and Deborah Godard to Joseph C. and Crystal R. Nesbit 

New Athens

$116,900- Kaiser Rd.- Marsha A. Diecker and Mark W. Rausch to Rodney R. Rausch

$121,200- 6655 State Route 159- Eleanor and Marvin Parker to Marvin and Angela Parker


$138,000- 218 Pierce Blvd. - Larry M. Skora to Bryan Aaron Richardson

$16,500- 416 W. 5th St. - Terry R. and Tracy Calvert to Todd Barnett


$450,000- 1505 Pasteur Ln.- Fullford Homes to Donald E. Jr. and Susan O. Gaston

$53,000- 517 Catawba Ave.- Robert Lee and Betty J. West to Diane I. and Leroy Lindsey

February 6, 2015


$127,500- 42 Janet Dr. - Arctic Food Service to Walter E. Ford Jr. and Sheri L. Ford

$250,000- 2431 N. Illinois St. - Terry Collins and Roxy Collins to Tim and Lynn Collins

$57,500- 59 Cheshire Dr.- United States of America to Dennis and Susan A. Wagner

$122,500- 3229 Eastridge Dr. - Brandi Maniscalco and Phillip Ottinger to Amy Huelsmann


$20,000- 2508 Renois - Prairie State Real Estate Holdings to James and Delores Hannah


$124,500- 1209 St. Clair Ave. - Robert C. and Kristin M. Oesch to Adam C. Kress

East St. Louis

$3,000- 1413 Baker Ave. - Dorothy B. Fuller to George c. Fuller


$168,500- 1635 Winter Rd. - Eugene and Robin Grimont to Zachary Grimont


$88,000- 619 N. Borders- Jeffery A. and Roxie Edmonds to Justin A. Dewitt


$221,216- 423 Amethyst Ln.- CNR to Shawn A. and Judy A. Bunyard


$38,000- 2623 Welsch Dr. - TTW to CNR







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