ICJL responds to Rauner's State of State

By The Madison County Record | Feb 5, 2015

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

Civil justice reform is a critical component necessary to create more jobs in Illinois. For too long, businesses, both small and large, have been subjected to an unfair legal system that is crushing their ability to compete.

That unfair legal system, particularly in places like Madison, St. Clair and Cook counties, has created a putrid environment in which businesses are forced to close up shop, relocate and/or expand to other states. Unfortunately, in the process, those businesses take with them a healthy tax base, along with the opportunity to provide new and meaningful jobs for Illinois workers.

Governor Rauner's agenda, which includes a call for reasonable venue reform, addressing unfair joint and several liability requirements, and medical malpractice reform, will show the rest of the country that we are serious about getting Illinois working again.

Moreover, I believe Governor Rauner's goals to pass a constitutional amendment to cap unreasonable judgments, to move toward merit-based judicial reform, and to take steps necessary to prohibit trial lawyers from donating to elected judges should be vigorously pursued.

John Pastuovic, President
Illinois Civil Justice League

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