January 5, 2015

Bank of America v. James R. Reed and Susan E. Reed, $9,142.65, 433 Mildred Ave., Cahokia. 15-CH-11
First Bank v. Shirley Hudson and Dorothy J. Wilcox, $65,287.32, 4115 Market Ave., Centreville. 15-CH-12
Commerce Bnk v. Sherry L. Pilkington, $35,751.76, 218 N. 44th St., Belleville. 15-CH-13
Nationwide Advantage Mortgage v. Betty R. Williams, $75,223.74, 200 Twin Dr., Caseyville. 15-CH-14
Nationstar Mortgage v. Lydia M. Jackson, $62,537.14, 725 N. 86th St., East St. Louis. 15-CH-15

January 7, 2015

Bank of America v. Tabith Romious, $58,952.57, 26 Concord Dr., Fairview Heights. 15-CH-16
Lakeview Loan Servicing v. Matthew S. Hamilton, $60,897.56, 1422 Andrews Dr., Cahokia. 15-CH-17
First Couty Bank v. Apex Homes , $74,125.54, 910 Clearview Dr., Belleville. 15-CH-18

January 8, 2015

Bank of Springfield v. Joyce O'Donnell , $37,183.92, 21 Westwood Dr., Cahokia. 15-CH-19

January 9, 2015

Bank of Springfield v. Joyce O'Donnell, $64,992.67, 3618 Falling Springs Rd., Cahokia. 15-CH-22
US Bank v. Kris N. McNabb, $75,756.96, 516 Avery Hill, Belleville. 15-CH-23
US Bank v. Boyd R. Elliott Jr., $98,862.37, 311 W. Schuetz St., Lebanon. 15-CH-24
Bank of America v. Sherry Renee Webster, $63,522.15, 1610 N. 45th St.,East St. Louis. 15-CH-25

January 12, 2015

Bank of America v. Jackie Lee Arnold and Melvin Mervin, $82,200.28, 246 School St., Fairview Heights. 15-CH-28
Midfirst Bank v. Egypt A. Call and James R. Call, $112,822..54, 517 Minnie Ave., Dupo. 15-CH-29
MIdfirst Bank v. Stephen M Devore and Trisica M. Devore, $161,026.94, 459 Falling Leaf Way, Mascoutah. 15-CH-30
First County Bank v. Thomas A. Bow, $46,343.73, 223 W. 4th St., OFallon. 15-CH-32
Associated Bank v. Lakepointe Centre, Roland R. Hopson, $906,016.93, 715 Lakepointe Centre Dr., OFallon. 15-CH-33

January 13, 2015

Wells Fargo Bank v. Larry S. Harper and Gwendolyn Wright-Harper, $93,360.32, 1712 Wilford Ave., East St. Louis. 15-CH-34
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Karen s. Wehrle, $85,414.60, 131 Northtowne St., Lebanon. 15-CH-35
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Jeffrey C. Howe,$73,999.50, 6 Maple Dr., Caseyville. 15-CH-36
US Bank v. Garry L. Milligan and Stacy J. Milligan , $71,802.84, 101 S. 1st . St., Caseyville. 15-CH-37

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