December 8, 2014

Regions Bank v. Loren Joseph and Judith A. Moreland, $65,518.95, 843 Tennyson Ave., Wood River. 14-CH-782
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Jami L. Crook, $80,151.69, 23 Mooreland Dr., Granite City. 14-CH-783
CitiMortgage v. Michael Meador, $36,123.87,4125 North Dr., Granite City. 14-CH-784
Green Tree Servicing v. Sylvia M. Buford, $96,912.13, 510 Trails Ridge Dr., Glen Carbon. 14-CH-786
The Bank of New York Mellon v. Robert Frey, $63,043.34, 1201 W. Main St., Collinsville. 14-CH-787

December 10, 2014

US Bank v. Kimberly J. Winkle, $76,372.97, 341 S. Benton St., Edwardsville. 14-CH-788
US Bank v. Albert and Amy Rose Flores, $85,324.51, 2329 Clark Ave., Granite City. 14-CH-789
Federal National Mortgage v. Beth A. and Derrek G. Detjens, $101,921.33, 702 Illinios Ave., Collinsville. 14-CH-790
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Stephen J. Jr. and Dawn M. Voss, $15,797.54, 836 Pearl St., Alton. 14-CH-791

December 11, 2014

Bank of America v. Jacqueline and Anthony D. Goodrich, $138,625.49, 4629 Okke St., Dorsey. 14-CH-792
Commerce Bank v. Joshua and Penny S. McQuality, $76,701.12, 6208 East Main St., Maryville. 14-CH-793

December 12, 2014

JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Connie Kindhart, $111,743.64, 309 Wickliffe St., Troy. 14-CH-794

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