Davis beats Callis in 13th Congressional District 59-41

By Ann Maher | Nov 6, 2014

Incumbent Congressman Rodney Davis, Republican from Taylorville, easily defeated former Madison County chief judge Ann Callis in the 13th Congressional District.

Davis received 122,661 votes to Callis's 86,126 votes.

The margin of victory in the district was more than 17 points - 58.75 to 41.25 percent.

In Callis's home base of Madison County, Davis won 58 to 42 percent, or 18,935 to 13,614 votes.

Davis released these statements after he was declared winner:

“First and foremost, thank you to the voters of the 13th Congressional District for choosing to send me back to Washington," he said. "I’d also like to thank my opponent for a hard fought campaign and my family for standing by me every step of the way.

“Throughout this campaign, our volunteers and supporters worked tirelessly to spread our message of making Washington work for the families of the 13th District, knocking on more than 180,000 doors and making nearly 400,000 phone calls. For that, I cannot thank them enough.

“As I prepare to head to Washington for my second term, I remain humble and grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the families of this area. We have so much work to do, but I believe that together, we can govern and make Washington work again.”

Callis released these statements:

"While it’s disappointing we came up short in this very tough year for Democrats, it has been inspiring to have met so many incredible people since I resigned as Chief Judge and entered this race," she said.

"I’m truly grateful for every vote, dollar, and volunteer minute contributed in support of our fight to reform the way Washington does business. I believe that my path in life is helping people, and I’ll continue to look for opportunities to help struggling families, individuals, and communities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

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