To the Editor:

I wanted to write and encourage everyone to vote Nov. 4 for Judge Clarence Harrison and Judge Richard Tognarelli.

We had the privilege to stand in front of them both and it was a great experience. We were dealing with a very bad neighbor who could or would not go by zoning laws along with doing property damage to our property. We were two people that never went to the Madison Court house except to pay our property taxes. Now we were plunged into the workings of the court. I can tell you it was an experience we will never forget.

Being in front of Judge Harrison and Judge Tognarelli showed us they were for the common person. They helped us through the process and it turned out to be a very uplifting experience. We saw Judge Harrison the most but also had the pleasant experience to be in Judge Tognarelli's courtroom for a related case. Both judges treated us with respect and because we did most of our case pro-se the judges treated us with understanding. I can tell you we have respect for what attorneys do now. We did finally get an attorney to finish up our case but we won our case against the defendant and his attorney. In Judge Harrison's courtroom truth and justice prevailed.

We met a lot of different people at the courthouse - clerks, police officers, office workers, ASA's , etc. All were very nice and understanding to our problem with this neighbor. We can say that Judge Harrison and Judge Tognarelli are both fully experienced in the law and as judges. They both have something that we hope all the other judges have in Madison County: compassion for the common person.

Once again we encourage everyone in Madison County to get out and vote for Judge Clarence Harrison and Yes for Judge Richard Tognarelli on Nov. 4.

Gaylon and Barbara McHugh

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